Sample cylinder in Titan, 10000 psi,  volume: 300/640/1000 cc have gone true significant testing and have been TPED approved by DNV


NEW Inconel 625 Piston Cylinder

  • New design on Piston cylinder in Inconel 625.
  • 3000 psi
  • Unic end caps

Lightest and Strongest 4 Liter piston sample cylinder EVER made….

  • The 4 L Titan sample cylinder weights 13Kg dry, considerably less than alternative sample cylinders currently utilised
  • Allows for easier transportation and manual handling operations around the platform
  • Reduces the risk of employee back injuries

Recent orders at Habu Sampling:

  • Flow through 1800 PSI RENTAL Cylinders – SilcoNert 2000 Coating
  • Fiscal piston sample cylinders
  • Stainless Steel piston sample cylinders

30000 Psi Piston sample cylinder in Titan. Products for more info

8 off these have been supplied to customer

1 have been supplied as accumlator

Sulfinert oil cylinder 640 cc ready for rental

Sulfinert 500 cc cylinders ready for rental

Sulfiert 500 cc in Transportation Box,  ready for rental

To be produced….sulfinert piston titan sample cylinders for RENTAL

also to be produced…more sulfinert flow through gas cylinders for RENTAL